Whisteblowing Solutions Impresa Sociale competently carries out whistleblowing projects on a GlobaLeaks basis of which it is the direct co-author providing services of:

  • planning reporting channels for anti-corruption and compliance purposes in both the public and private spheres;
  • software customization;
  • maintenance and support;
  • implementation both in On-Premise and SaaS mode according to project needs.

In addition to these Whistleblowing Solutions also provides consulting and training services:

  • support to management, anti-corruption managers and internal control functions for the definition of whistleblowing policies in line with the organization, identifying correct governance of information flows and both internal and external reporting mechanisms;
  • support to the internal functions involved in the whistleblowing processes for the definition of the content of the reporting forms, the personalized assessments regarding the violations to be foreseen, the drafting of ad hoc procedures;
  • creation of communication programs and planning of the various steps of whistleblowing initiatives in order to effectively promote the tool within the organization;
  • selection of indicators for the periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of the results and continuous improvement activities;

The team of experts works closely with the customer to analyze and define the project by analyzing the needs together, supporting the implementation of appropriate measures and guiding the continuous adaptation to increase results.

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